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Scientific Editing and Proofreading for the Customers Who Seek the Best Quality .

To make sure our service is the best, you need to place an order and get in touch with a science editor who fits your assignment best. We have a large pool of Ph.D. editors who are proficient in scientific proofreading. They provide excellent editing help to the world’s best researchers and are able to complete any task.

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Get Excellent Scientific Editing In Four Simple Steps .

The process starts with your account creation. You need to register and upload your text to the website.

At this stage, we will need your payment data to reserve money. Note that you do not pay until an assigned editor starts proofreading.

Available editors will start sending their bids answering your order. This step will be dedicated to choosing the best expert who can complete your task.

After you choose and assign an editor, he or she starts proofreading. Once the next section of the paper is edited, the system will allow for providing payment.
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Scientific Proofreading to Polish Up Academic Projects

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High-Quality Scientific Proofreading For An Affordable Price .

We are proud to be able to offer our customers the best prices on the market. Our prices start at USD 15 per page. Simultaneously, we can balance excellent editing quality and reasonable costs for scientific proofreading.

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Here, I Can Edit My Paper at a Reasonable Cost .

Our prices make editing affordable for everyone who needs it. We cover text revisions for different purposes. You can ask us to provide editing of your document, speech, academic paper, book report, and even novel. The price depends on the terms, the number of pages, and text complexity, but it still starts at $15 per page.

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We Guarantee Excellent Scientific Paper Editing

Qualified editors

Our Ph.D. experts are ready to provide you with excellent proofreading. We work with certified specialists whose experience and expertise are approved with diplomas and documents.

Secured payments

When you share your payment details with us, you do not need to worry about your personal data security. We never share any transaction details with other authorities.

Customer confidentiality

We guarantee your email, name, and other personal information will be safe and never leak from our system. Our website works with secure traffic encryption.

Zero plagiarism

Our qualified editing experts carefully check and proofread texts for plagiarism. They do their best to provide you with unique scientific paper editing.

No upfront payments

Our main goal is to take care of our customers. As such, our system ensures that you do not have to pay the editor before the work begins. All transactions proceed when the proofreading begins.

Excellent customer reviews

One of our values is our customers’ high satisfaction rate. We always ask for feedback and are happy to get excellent reviews from our clients.

Testimonials .

We do whatever we can to make the analysis of your writing better.
4 hours ago
Information Systems Trends & New Technologies
You’ve improved my style and consistency a lot! Thanks!
87 completed orders
2 days ago
HTML assignment
I had issues with flow, clarity, and overall flaw, but Bettertxt made it much better!!!
125 completed orders
12 days ago
Search Engine Optimazation
My proofreader had a great experience in my studying field, so he improved my text professionally!
345 completed orders
1 day ago
Data Driven Web Analytics
Editing was better than I’ve expected.
567 completed orders
3 days ago
Community health
I like the individual approach here.
544 completed orders

Our Scientific Editing Services Provide Undeniable Advantages .

Qualified support

In case of any service-related queries, you will never be left alone. Our customer support managers are ready to answer any of your questions about the service, orders, payments, and other issues.

Affordable prices

We work hard to make our clients happy with our offers and satisfy our scientific editors with their rates. Our prices are reasonable and among the lowest within the market.

Get in touch with an editor

You can easily communicate with your assigned editor within our live chat. Ask any task-related questions and get answers ASAP.

Unlimited revisions

Scientific editing requires high-level qualification from an expert. Sometimes our editors have to make revisions counting our customers’ remarks. This service is free.

Effective bidding system

To provide flexible prices, we use a bidding system. Our customers can choose the lowest price on the market within our scientific editing service.

Large assortment of disciplines

We provide editing in numerous scientific fields. Do not worry if you have a task with a complicated or rare topic. We will find a qualified expert for your needs.

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Get Scientific Editing and Proofreading Services That Will Help You Come Up with a Masterpiece

Many students believe that once they have finished writing a paper, their job is mostly done. If they do any editing or proofreading at all, they rarely pay much attention to this process. It is something that comes as almost an afterthought, something you can dispense with if you do not feel like doing it. However, it is an extremely misguided approach, especially when we are talking about scientific papers. Mistakes are bad enough when you write about humanities, but they are utterly unacceptable in scientific writing. When you deal with science, even a minor mistake, misspelling or poorly chosen expression can completely alter the meaning of what you wrote. At the very least, you have to edit, correct and proofread your paper before you submit it, and do it slowly and carefully. Better yet, you can hire an experienced science editor who will go over your text and analyze it from an unbiased position.

Why You Need Scientific Editing Services

It is pretty obvious why you have to proofread and edit your manuscript. The need for hiring an editor is, however, another matter entirely. Why should you hire scientific editing services? Aren’t you the best expert on your own writing? Won’t you be the best choice to edit your own paper? Not really.

Of course, you know your writing better than anybody else – which is exactly where the problem lies. Chances are, you spent so much time writing and rewriting your paper that you know it almost by heart. This means that when you try to edit and proofread it, you tend to skip over the entire chunks of text because you know what they say. This, in turn, means that you are more likely to miss mistakes or fail to notice things you can improve. If, however, you hire a freelance science editor or a service specializing in this kind of work, you have a completely new and unbiased person looking at your writing. He/she sees your paper the way any new reader will, and thus is more likely to point out potential problems.

Why You Should Hire Us to Do Your Scientific Proofreading

Many students believe that proofreading and editing do not require much in terms of training and expertise. It is not true, especially when it comes to scientific editing. To edit scientific manuscripts successfully, it is not enough to have a good grasp of written English. In addition, one has to understand how scientific papers have to be written and structured, what kind of style they should use and how the author should prove his/her points. What is even more important, an expert in scientific proofreading should have a certain degree of knowledge concerning the discipline he/she works with. For example, it is not a very good idea to hire somebody who knows nothing about medicine to edit an article for a medical journal. The same goes for any other discipline.

This is exactly why you should be wary when hiring freelance specialists to do your proofreading, as it is quite hard to find out if they are qualified for this kind of work. With Bettertxt.com, the situation is quite different. We do not just offer proofreading and editing services – we make sure we only assign employees with relevant background knowledge to work on every specific task. In addition, when you deal with us, you can expect the following:

  • Timely completion of every assignment – we understand that when our clients require us to complete their assignments before a specific deadline, they are not being arbitrary. That is why we always strive to complete every job on time or, preferably, ahead of time;
  • Affordable prices – unlike some other companies working in this business, we realize that most of our clients cannot afford to spend much on proofreading, and unreasonable pricing policy will force many of them to forgo this part of the writing process altogether;
  • Round-the-clock availability – it does not matter when you find yourself in need of proofreading. Contact us, and we will assign somebody to work on your paper without delays;
  • Helpful customer support – if you have any questions, either before you place an order or after it, do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer support. They are available at all times on all days of the week.

You no longer have to worry about mistakes getting into the final version of your science paper – with our help, you will easily prepare it for submission!

Scientific paper editing service is key to your success

It’s hard to underestimate the power of a professional scientific editor. This person can make a paper of any complexity, length, or level easy to read. At the same time, the correct usage of terminology and appropriate academic tone will still be there, corresponding to each and every requirement. Doesn't that sound like magic?

Well, we can’t speak for every single company, but Bettertxt can do all of that and more just for you. Our specialists can also proofread your papers and make them error-free without any significant changes. That’s why science editing services are becoming more and more popular among students from across the globe. Do you need to upgrade your paper? All you need to do is ask us for assistance!

Rely on an experienced scientific editor

Our experts excel as Science Advances editors in that they understand what your article needs to get accepted to a high-level journal. They're always ready to handle any text, no matter how complex it might be.

Another important role of any proofreader or editor is to make your article an engaging read. After all, the more readers feel drawn into the world of your research, the more popular it will ultimately become. While we can’t underestimate the value of precision or facts, the style of your article matters. So, if you're looking for a Scientific Reports editor who understands the requirements of this and other prestigious journals, you’re in the right place.

Do your editors know my area of knowledge well enough to make scientific edits?

Yes. Our team of editors includes educated specialists from different fields. Our editors offer bids themselves on each order. You can be sure that if an editor places a bid, it means that he or she is appropriately qualified and educated to cope with your task.

Can you guarantee that after editing, my article will be accepted by a particular journal?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide such guarantees. Our editors are high-quality experts, and they can do their utmost to edit each text in the best way. However, we cannot guarantee that after editing, your article will be included in some journals, particularly because the quality of the text is not the only factor that impacts the decision of the editorial board.

Do you guarantee that my paper will get a high mark after scientific editing?

No, we don’t guarantee any marks. Even though our editors can do their best to improve your text, they are not familiar with your educator and his or her specific vision and wishes about the way an assignment must be done.

Can you write a text from scratch for me?

No, we don’t provide such services. Our experts work exclusively on editing texts that already exist and don’t create them from scratch.
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