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Cheap essay editing service: An advantage for you and your text .

Our service is delighted to provide you with the high-quality proofreading of any text you need to be edited. Our company includes experienced professionals that can improve the quality of any text from fictional to academic, and regardless of its length.

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Cheap essay proofreading: How does it work? .

If you are new to using an editing service, we are glad to explain how it works. So, you are looking on the web for cheap essay proofreading; what are the next steps through which you will get the thing you want? It’s easy.

place an order
. You will be able to choose the academic level, deadline, and other details related to your order. If you have any specific wishes about editing your paper, please don’t hesitate to write them in the instructions window. Upload the text you want to get proofread and go to the next step.

Choose your editor!
After you place the order, you will be able to choose the professional who will work on it. The editors from our cheap essay proofreading service, who are willing to help you, will place their bids on the order. You can take a look at their profiles to get an idea of their experience. You can also find out other customers’ degree of satisfaction with the editors' work, which is manifested in their rating.

Talk to your editor.
After you choose the one who will work on your order, you will be able to chat with them directly. You can discuss the details of editing, check on their progress, and ask for a revision if it is needed.

Get your edited text and enjoy!
Take an attentive look at your edited text. Be sure that you are satisfied with it and that no other changes are needed. Approve the order and send the payment for it. Don’t forget to rate the editor you worked with so that other customers know what to expect. And, of course, we hope that you will like our cheap paper editing service and will come back with a new order!
How it works

How Much Will It Cost For Me ?

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Get essay writing help here to succeed!

Here, I Can Edit My Paper at a Reasonable Cost .

Our prices make editing affordable for everyone who needs it. We cover text revisions for different purposes. You can ask us to provide editing of your document, speech, academic paper, book report, and even novel. The price depends on the terms, the number of pages, and text complexity, but it still starts at $15 per page.

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The guarantees of our cheap essay editing service

After you’ve learned how it works, you will probably be interested in the guarantees our proofreading service can provide you. Here they are.

We fulfill your instructions.

You can be sure that the text you upload will be edited according to your instructions and wishes. You can be sure that you will get exactly the proofreading you ordered. Even if you forget something, you can contact the editor after you choose them. Write about the details that need to be taken into consideration, and don't worry.

We keep your personal information safe.

You can remain calm with regard to your privacy. The safety of our customers is among our highest priorities.

We give you free revisions.

If the edited paper you got does not meet your instructions and expectations, you can ask for a revision, and it will be free.

We have a money-back policy.

We want to provide our customers with the most satisfying and cheapest essay editing service possible. But we know that sometimes, human factors or some technical problems can cause serious problems. We are not scammers, and our cheap essay editing service is ready to take responsibility for cases when the customers are free of fault.

Testimonials .

We do whatever we can to make the analysis of your writing better.
4 hours ago
Information Systems Trends & New Technologies
You’ve improved my style and consistency a lot! Thanks!
87 completed orders
2 days ago
HTML assignment
I had issues with flow, clarity, and overall flaw, but Bettertxt made it much better!!!
125 completed orders
12 days ago
Search Engine Optimazation
My proofreader had a great experience in my studying field, so he improved my text professionally!
345 completed orders
1 day ago
Data Driven Web Analytics
Editing was better than I’ve expected.
567 completed orders
3 days ago
Community health
I like the individual approach here.
544 completed orders

Cheap paper editing service: The advantages .

You may be thinking that our cheap paper editing service is not the only one on the web. True, there is always an alternative, so why should you choose us and not some other proofreading service? Here are our advantages that might convince you to stay with us.

The ability to choose the editor.

You can choose the one who will work for you. You can see the rating of an editor, their achievements, and the number of orders they’ve completed.

The editing of any type of text.

You might need help with a short paper like an essay or require the proofreading of a whole dissertation. Our editors are ready to proofread any text for you. The only thing you must remember is to choose an appropriate deadline. Our editors are experienced professionals and can edit the work really quickly if you need them to, but even they have their limits.

Direct contact with the editor.

You have a chat where you can directly text the editor of your order, making decisions and solving any issues in real time. Conversing with your helper is not like exchanging email; it is a live chat where you can see when your message is read and when the editor is typing an answer.

Caring support, available all the time.

Sometimes, your questions or issues might go beyond communication with the editor. In such cases, you can contact our support. They are available all the time and are ready to help you with any question you may have.

Flexible prices.

Our cheap essay editing service is not necessarily cheap, but the prices can be managed. It is mainly determined by the deadline. The longer it is, the lower the price. The lowest option is two weeks. You can even choose the longest deadline if you want, but the price will not be any lower than it is for orders placed fourteen days in advance.

Get essay writing help here to succeed!

The reasons for seeking and benefits of a cheap essay editing service

The reason people look for a cheap essay editing service is the only one evident; they need their text to be proofread. Yet, there can be very different people behind each order. For instance, there can be students who don’t want to lose points because of poor grammar. Such a case can seem not quite fair to someone, but why? A cheap paper editing service can also be used by graduate students whose works span hundreds of pages. The authors of fiction, as well as non-fiction, can also use the services of editors.

Cheap paper editing service for anyone

Anyone who’s created a text might look for cheap essay proofreading or editing of another genre. The thing is that while we are working on a text, we get immersed in it, getting used to its misprints and mistakes. From ancient times, authors have been advised to leave their text and take a look at it after some time. Such simple things allow one to see the paper with fresh eyes. However, the issue lies in that you do not always have time to rest in the rapidly moving modern world.

Cheap essay proofreading is a natural part of work

Editing is a natural process that takes place before publishing. You can hardly find a publishing house working without an editor. One who works with words does not need many technical tools, but such work requires the perfect performance of our main tool – our brain. It can be hard for you to edit your own work, especially when time is limited. That’s why we are glad to offer you our cheapest essay editing services to make your writing perfect.

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