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The assignment proofreading services you’re looking for .

When you are about to finish an assignment, it is almost inevitable to get tired eyes that literally “turn blind” to all the misprints. At that moment, you may want to ask a helper to “proofread my assignment” and spot all the details to fix. The assignment proofreading services from our editors may help you with all the spelling and punctuation errors.

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How it works: What to expect when you ask to “proofread my assignment” .

When you ask a search engine “proofread my assignment,” the expectations are simple: to find the best editor with expertise in your field. When your text is academic, the stakes with regard to quality become higher. Assignment proofreading and editing will take extra time. This includes checking the design and numbering of charts, tables, and images. Another critical aspect is correcting the spelling of surnames and the accuracy of quotations. Additionally, our editors will replace any semantic and stylistic flaws using suitable alternatives. To get the service in its entirety, complete the following simple steps:

Place your order

This step involves you providing the text and all the requirements that you wish the editor to consider.

Choose your editor

Having this choice is a good thing when trying to find your most fitting specialist. Our team includes top proofreaders with both varied and specific experience. Feel free to choose the one that fits you the most and change them if necessary.

Assign the task

While the work is in process, contact your editor if any additional instructions pop up. The same is true of progress check-ups and revisions.

Get your paper

The anticipation of waiting for the results may sometimes make you a bit nervous, but don’t be! Our experts will do their best in terms of on-time delivery.
How it works

How Much Will It Cost For Me ?

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Get essay writing help here to succeed!

Here, I Can Edit My Paper at a Reasonable Cost .

Our prices make editing affordable for everyone who needs it. We cover text revisions for different purposes. You can ask us to provide editing of your document, speech, academic paper, book report, and even novel. The price depends on the terms, the number of pages, and text complexity, but it still starts at $15 per page.

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Guarantees from assignment editing & proofreading services: Quality, confidentiality, perfect timing

When you place an order online, our experts provide you with the following guarantees:

High-quality editing

All our proofreading services are of top quality so as to meet all your requirements. Be sure to notify us if you need to consult us about any complex instructions.

Compliance with academic standards

The process of assignment editing is full of format-related details. Full compliance with these standard rules is a priority for your editor.

Full confidentiality and safety

The absolute confidentiality and safety of your personal information is a key concern of Bettertxt. Our IT experts make all the dialogues encrypted. They also secure all the data and documents you upload when handing in the paper to edit.

Deep editing of any level

Complex language is no problem for us! Whatever the assignment editing level is, our experts will make it sound deeply intellectual.

24/7 communication and order placing

Sometimes, there are dozens of details in the instructions. Contact our support team at any time if you need to add any when using our proofreading services.

Fast delivery

Our proofreaders do their maximum to ensure the delivery of the submission at the arranged time.

Testimonials .

We do whatever we can to make the analysis of your writing better.
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You’ve improved my style and consistency a lot! Thanks!
87 completed orders
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HTML assignment
I had issues with flow, clarity, and overall flaw, but Bettertxt made it much better!!!
125 completed orders
12 days ago
Search Engine Optimazation
My proofreader had a great experience in my studying field, so he improved my text professionally!
345 completed orders
1 day ago
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Editing was better than I’ve expected.
567 completed orders
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I like the individual approach here.
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Advantages of proofreading and assignment editing help .

There are plenty of advantages and pros to enjoy with us. The basic ones are as follows:

Fast proofreading

If your deadlines are urgent (even within a few hours), we are up to the challenge! Ask for any assignment editing help you need.

Top editors

Whatever you need to edit, choose an expert to be your helper.

Flexible pricing

Loyalty and an inquisitive mind always pay off! Enjoy our flexible pricing as new or long-term customers.

Window for revisions

Every instance of assignment editing help still requires your involvement.

Contact with our support team, anytime

Have some details to add? Contact our support team superheroes round-the-clock.

Get essay writing help here to succeed!

Getting proficient via assignment editing services

To put it simply, getting proofreading and editing assignment help from our pro assignment editors can boost your skills. The full service involves checking your English text and upgrading its quality. The editor starts work when you, as an author, finish your part. The primary purpose of assignment editing services is to ensure that the paper correctly conveys your ideas. Also, our pro assignment editors follow all the instructions at hand. To make the text coherent and easy to read, the editor can change the syntactic structure of a sentence or an entire paragraph. In academic homework, checking the terminology used is especially important. It must meet industry standards and the client's vocabulary, as well as be used consistently. Moreover, the editor corrects all language-based errors while proofreading to make sure that you may upload its best version to Blackboard.

When you google “edit my assignment,” the best way to choose an agency is to check their reviews. Alternatively, you can ask the support team for free examples of the editing and proofreading work the company has done. Bettertxt will be happy to give you the most pleasant experience with our assignment editing services. They can also equip you with any grammatical and lexical information you ask for so that you can sound like a pro in your classroom. In case you need very detailed guidance, ask us to edit and proofread your paper with smart comments.

Proofreading and assignment editing pros and specifics to remember

In short, contact our team whenever you need to edit a paper. Open Safari or any other web browser and write “edit my assignment” in the search bar. Our experts will split the work into editing and proofreading steps. Splitting it into these two phases is one of the assignment editing pros. Proofreading means inspecting the material after the editor to exclude any lingering or missed errors. In addition, a proofreader does not focus on semantic, stylistic, and terminological elements in as much detail as an editor does. Primarily, they check whether the material is grammatically correct. In turn, the proofreader reviews the assignment’s compliance with the standards of English vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It also “captures” random typographical mistakes overlooked by the editor. Such attention to detail adds to the list of the assignment editing services pros.

Pro assignment editors: The sequence of steps

In general, editors and proofreaders work on the following aspects:

  • Before checking the text for linguistic errors, the proofreader must re-read the paper. They confirm that it is readable and understandable, then report any tricky parts to the editor. Making it easier to understand is the goal.
  • Next, our pro assignment editors check the text for typos and grammatical issues.
  • This phase is about checking the formatting; it must match the rubrics.
  • Finally, the editors revisit the text to confirm its full compliance with the instructions.

All these steps are logical and consistent. The goal here is to minimize the chance of overlooking even the smallest error.

“Edit my assignment” means “make it flow well”

Proofreading ensures that the text meets the target language’s standards and formatting specifics and is easy to read. Some language errors may easily go noticed without proofreading, and sometimes even alter the meaning of the text. If an author pays attention to the significance of proofreading, they can secure the trust of their target audience in the long run. Also, when it comes to professional postgraduate writing, it will maintain the perception of your personal brand. The writing style here is one of the key features.

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