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Hire an Online Essay Writing Tutor and Ace the Tasks That Used to Stump You Before .

There are many ways to elevate your writing performance, but the most economical of them is online tutoring. Let a professional and skilled essay tutor polish your texts, explaining each step. Choose your tutor today, and succeed in writing!
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How To Start Working With An Essay Writing Tutor .

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Start with creating your personal account at Bettertxt.com. Once you have an account, you can start looking for your tutor within the website.
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Choose a payment method and share your payment data with us. Note that you will not have to pay your essay writing tutor for the whole work in advance.
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At this stage, you will start getting tutors’ bids. Compare offers and choose the best one for your needs.
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The chosen tutor will get in contact with you and start his or her work. You will be able to ask any questions to your tutor in real-time.
Create editing order
Start with creating your personal account at Bettertxt.com. Once you have an account, you can start looking for your tutor within the website.
Choose your editor
Choose a payment method and share your payment data with us. Note that you will not have to pay your essay writing tutor for the whole work in advance.
Enjoy the process
At this stage, you will start getting tutors’ bids. Compare offers and choose the best one for your needs.
Get your edited paper
The chosen tutor will get in contact with you and start his or her work. You will be able to ask any questions to your tutor in real-time.
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The Benefits Of Our Online Essay Writing Tutor Service

Structured tutoring sessions

We consider tutoring effectiveness as essential. Each session with your online essay writing tutor will be strictly structured to get the best result.

Skilled tutors

At Bettertxt.com, we cooperate with professional tutors who know how to polish your writing performance effectively. You can choose an expert in a particular discipline if needed.

Perfect bidding system

You can easily find the best price offer from a professional online essay writing tutor using our flexible bidding system. Place an order and wait for tutors’ bids.

Prices are starting from USD 15 per session

We know that reasonable prices are vital for tutoring services. That is why we developed a flexible billing system that allows us to offer the best prices on the market.

Fast and effective work

We do our best to make your online tutoring sessions effective. You will not waste time and be able to improve the particular assignment via the screen-sharing option.

Ask questions in real-time

To make your online tutoring more useful, you can ask your tutor any questions in real-time. Feel free to stop the session if you have any concerns.

Online Essay Tutor for Any Type of Paper

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Get essay writing help here to succeed!

“Is There A Cheap Essay Tutor Near Me?” – We Offer Best Prices .

When it comes to online tutoring, price matters a lot. We know that an essay tutor is a highly demanded expert, and we do our best to make this service affordable for any student. We always offer different options for reasonable prices. Our prices start at $15 per page and can satisfy any student.

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We do whatever we can to make the analysis of your writing better.
4 hours ago
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You’ve improved my style and consistency a lot! Thanks!
87 completed orders
2 days ago
HTML assignment
I had issues with flow, clarity, and overall flaw, but Bettertxt made it much better!!!
125 completed orders
12 days ago
Search Engine Optimazation
My proofreader had a great experience in my studying field, so he improved my text professionally!
345 completed orders
1 day ago
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Editing was better than I’ve expected.
567 completed orders
3 days ago
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I like the individual approach here.
544 completed orders

We Guarantee The Best College Essay Tutor Cost And Much More !

Terms and conditions

We find it vital to provide our services transparently. We use many policies that secure our clients’ rights and provide them with all the essential information regarding the terms and conditions of online tutoring.

Fast support reaction

Feel free to address all your service-related concerns to our operative customer management team. We work to deliver the best client experience and will react to your queries fast.

Strict confidentiality

All the tutoring sessions will be provided in private with your tutor. The fact of your applying to Bettertxt.com will not be a subject of publicity. Be confident that your request for assistance will remain private.

We work 24/7

Our experts and clients are coming from different time zones and countries. That is why we are at your disposal any time, day or night, to connect you with the best online tutor.

Safe payments

When you share your payment data with our service, you can be sure they will be safely stored within our finance department. We never share transaction details with any third parties and unaffiliated authorities.

Money-back guarantee

We always do our best to cover all our customers’ needs at the highest level. But in the case of unresolvable issues connected to our service, we can provide you with partial or full money reimbursement.

Let our editors to make your text better

Our Professional Essay Writing Tutors Are Your Fastest and Best Way to Success

Essay writing is one of the most common types of work students have to deal with in college – and one of the most tiresome and troublesome as well. The thing is, not all people have a natural way with words – some find it extremely difficult to express their thoughts and opinions on paper even when they are familiar with the topic in question. In other words, one’s ability to write essays and other types of academic assignments does not necessarily fully reflect his/her knowledge of the subject. This is the kind of work that needs to be learned separately, and not all university programs pay enough attention to it. This is why so many students often decide to find an experienced essay tutor instead of trying to learn essay writing on their own, by trial and error. However, deciding to use the services of a private tutor is not enough. The real problem is to find somebody who is really good at this sort of work, somebody who can be trusted to teach you exactly what you need to know. If this is what you look for, look no further than Bettertxt.com. We have been in this line of business for more than a decade, and by now we are more than confident in the ability of our tutors to fulfill virtually any request of our clients. Simply contact us, tell us what you need, and we will quickly find a specialist who is perfectly suited to deal with your problem.

I Am Looking for an Experienced Essay Tutor near Me – Can You Assist Me with It?

Our service has numerous employees from different locations all over the world. If you come to us and say, “I am looking for an essay tutor near me”, we will probably be able to locate somebody more or less close to you to assist you with your problem. However, you should not pay too much mind to geographical location, to begin with – essay writing is not something that can only be taught in person. In other words, we provide most of our services online. You do not have to look for a tutor near you – an online essay tutor will perform the same functions without you having to travel anywhere and waste your time. You can learn everything you can learn in person this way, with the added bonus of being able to choose any essay writing tutor working for our service instead of having to stick to those you can find in the vicinity of your current location.

How Much Do the Services of an Experienced College Essay Tutor Cost?

If you are looking for a place where you can get help without having to worry about the college essay tutor cost, you are unlikely to find a better option than our service. We understand that students are often in a difficult financial situation, and we do our best not to exacerbate their condition further. That is why we always strive to keep our prices as low as possible. Of course, the cost will depend on what individual tutor you want to hire and what type of writing you want to improve, but in general, our prices are more than affordable. If you are interested in becoming better at general English essay writing, it will not be particularly expensive. If, however, you want to improve your admission essay writing skills, it will be a bit costlier because it is one of the most complex and difficult types of writing students have to deal with. If you cannot find the exact prices for your chosen type of writing on our website, simply contact our customer support and say, “Can you tell me how much it will cost to improve my skills in writing this particular type of academic assignments”?

If you are looking for a service to hire a skilled tutor, you have found what you need. Bettertxt.com can help you with virtually any type of academic writing, no matter how difficult, unusual or rare your chosen paper type is. So do not worry and wait – come to us right now, place an order, and we will find a suitable tutor to help you out in no time. Remember – you are just a couple of clicks away from the solution to your writing problems!

Why you should hire an English essay tutor today

Many students underestimate the timely help that can come from a professional tutor. They tend to edit their essays hastily or leave them uncorrected. Nothing too bad will happen if you skip the proofreading stage and miss a few typos, right? Well, not exactly.

The thing is, even purely technological essays must be easy to read. Terms and numbers are inherently hard to grasp. Now, imagine trying to make heads or tails of them while dealing with awkward phrasing and typos. That’s irritating at best and impossible at worst.

Our essay writing tutors can prevent such troubles that would otherwise force teachers to give students low grades. All you need to do is ask them to make your essay shine by placing an order. They’ll be sure to follow all your instructions and finish editing as fast as possible.

Our online essay tutor can boost your writing skills

Hiring an English essay tutor isn’t only about improving one specific paper. Sure, you’ll get your text fixed and get a better result, but there’s more to this process than meets the eye.

For example, you can always spend an hour or two analyzing the corrections that your tutor made and thinking of ways to avoid the same mistakes in the future. One helpful strategy is to write down your “weak spots” and train to write better in your spare time.

That’s how each online essay tutor can help you become a better writer. Importantly, you’ll still benefit from a professional editor’s services even after you’ve trained. No essay is perfect without a check-up, so you’ll only benefit from working with us on a regular basis.

Can I trust your work on online tutoring?

Sure, you can. All our online tutors are professionals who are great problem solvers and know how to work with people. You’ll feel entirely safe when working with us. We hope that the outcome of our efforts will make you happy.

Are your tutors professionals?

Every person working for us has to make a long journey toward becoming a part of our team. We always conduct regular checks of their orders, and what they can do will be reflected in their rating. Our tutors must constantly prove their professional and academic skills.

Can you offer me tutoring for free?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer free services because it would mean that we could not reward our professionals. Moreover, free services won’t give you a satisfying result. But we’ve made sure to provide you with adequate prices that will not sacrifice your paper’s quality.

Can I work with the same tutor all the time?

It’s possible for you to have one tutor. A lot of people decide to have one stable person to preserve the style of their texts and focus on long-term improvement. You can request the same professional on the page where you place your order.
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