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Thesis Editing Services by a Team of Specialists with Decades of Cumulative Experience .

For many, a dissertation is a sensitive subject, but with our editing help, you can make your paper better. With Bettertxt.com as your helper, you don’t have to be afraid that your dissertation will look weak.

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How Our Thesis Editing Service Works .

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In the order form, provide all of the requirements. Attach the paper for editing or proofreading.

Select an editor

You can quickly choose an editor after you place an order. Make your choice based on editors’ bids, ratings, and awards.

Get in touch with an editor

Contact the editor you have chosen to clarify everything about the order. Use the chat option every time you need to check the editing progress, and ask for revisions.

Evaluate the editor

Check the editor’s work. If something needs to be corrected, ask him or her for improvements. If not, release the allotted amount of money to the editor and evaluate the work.
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Dissertation proofreading to rock your academic career

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The Right Prices of Professional Thesis Editing .

Our prices will inspire you to place an order on Bettertxt.com right now! We want to point out that prices start at $15. Our service will help to cope with editing and proofreading issues at an affordable cost.

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Get essay writing help here to succeed!

Here, I Can Edit My Paper at a Reasonable Cost .

Our prices make editing affordable for everyone who needs it. We cover text revisions for different purposes. You can ask us to provide editing of your document, speech, academic paper, book report, and even novel. The price depends on the terms, the number of pages, and text complexity, but it still starts at $15 per page.

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Proof That Our Master Thesis Proofreading Is the Right Choice


On Bettertxt.com, your personal data will be protected. We strictly follow our terms and conditions, which are designed to make each customer’s experience safe here.

Ability to chat with an editor directly

While using the service, you will be convinced that direct communication with an expert is a rule. Direct communication contributes to our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Unlimited revisions

All students can take advantage of unlimited revisions for free on our site. You just need to inform the editor what you want to change in the order.

Ability to select an editor

We at Bettertxt.com know that many prefer to choose an editor on their own. That’s why you can have such an experience if you place an order here.

Quality editing and proofreading

If you wonder whether we offer quality editing, the answer is “yes!” Our editors know exactly how dissertations should be edited properly.

On-time delivery

We have a dedicated team of editors – they all have time to fulfill orders promptly. With our help, you won’t be late in submitting your dissertation.

Testimonials .

We do whatever we can to make the analysis of your writing better.
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Information Systems Trends & New Technologies
You’ve improved my style and consistency a lot! Thanks!
87 completed orders
2 days ago
HTML assignment
I had issues with flow, clarity, and overall flaw, but Bettertxt made it much better!!!
125 completed orders
12 days ago
Search Engine Optimazation
My proofreader had a great experience in my studying field, so he improved my text professionally!
345 completed orders
1 day ago
Data Driven Web Analytics
Editing was better than I’ve expected.
567 completed orders
3 days ago
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I like the individual approach here.
544 completed orders

Benefits From Our Dissertation Proofreading Service .

Large roster of editors

When you need help from an editor on Bettertxt.com, you will have a wide choice. Our service will allow you to make an informed decision that will help you with your work.

24/7 support

You can contact our support team when some issues occur while using Bettertxt.com. They will be always there and ready to help you any time you need.

Sticking to requirements

An editor will follow all the instructions that you have mentioned in the order form. This is done so that the client immediately likes the work, without any complaints.

Fast editing

The editing is done quickly on our service. Your task is just to indicate the deadline in which the editing should be completed.

Reasonable prices

You don’t have to spend all of your money on editing websites. Customers of our site can save because we don’t put high prices on our services.

Proofreading at all levels

If your dissertation needs to be edited or proofread in a particular way, we can do it. Editing will be done correctly according to academic norms and rules.

Get essay writing help here to succeed!

Get Your Thesis Edited and Proofread by a Professional Team of Editors!

Your dissertation is most likely the single most important piece of writing you are going to do in the course of your entire academic career. Perhaps in future you will write papers that are more complex and innovative than your thesis, but none of them will have such an influence on your academic standing and development as a specialist. In other words, you have to make full use of every tool at your disposal to make the best possible job of it, as you only get one shot at it. Editing is one such tool, and an extremely important tool as well. A dissertation is a huge piece of writing that requires a great deal of attention and effort to bring its individual parts together. While a good enough writer can do away with editing smaller and less complex papers, in the case of a dissertation it just won’t do. You have to edit it – or, better yet, hire a professional dissertation editing company like Bettertxt.com to do it for you.

Why You Should Delegate Your Dissertation Proofreading to Our Service

There are two major reasons why you should look for reliable dissertation editing services instead of toughing it out on your own.

Firstly, thesis editing and proofreading is an extremely complex, complicated, and involved job with dozens of peculiarities and quirks. It requires some very specific qualifications, and not everybody is suited for it. Moreover, editing a dissertation does not limit itself to getting rid of grammatical mistakes and stylistic inconsistencies. Evaluation of an academic work of this scale greatly depends on its formal characteristics, and it is the job of an editor to make sure it meets the commonly accepted conventions and rules. For example, if you write a Master’s level dissertation using APA style, you have to pay special attention to following the principles of this formatting style. If your understanding of its conventions is shaky, consulting the style guide all the time can take very long. Meanwhile, for many dissertation editors, APA style is quite familiar, and they can do this job faster while being less likely to make mistakes.

Secondly, it is not a very good idea to edit your own work, and thesis proofreading is no exception. You are too familiar with your own writing, too attached to your wording and structures, too biased to make a good job of it. This is why trustworthy thesis editing services are the way to go.

What Do You Get by Ordering Professional Thesis Editing from Our Service?

“OK, you persuaded me to hire professional thesis editing specialists for my dissertation, but why should I choose Bettertxt.com in particular? There are so many other services offering the same kind of assistance, so is there any reason to prefer one of them to all the others?” It is a viable question, and many of our first-time clients ask something along these lines. The best way to answer it would be to list a few advantages you get by hiring us to do your master thesis proofreading for you:

  • We are always online. You can contact us whenever it is convenient for you, and somebody will always be available to accept your order and assign an editor to it who will immediately start working to get the job done;
  • Our editors are not random people off the street. With dissertation editing being such a complex job, we make sure to only put people with actual Ph.D. degrees in relevant disciplines to work on assignments related to them;
  • We do not overcharge our clients. We believe in maintaining the balance between paying fair wages to our editors and keeping our prices affordable for the majority of potential customers;
  • We make sure to complete all assignments on time. Deadlines are important, and doubly so when it comes to critical jobs like dissertation writing. We realize it and put every effort into delivering the results when you need them, not when it is convenient for us.

As you can see, Bettertxt.com puts every effort into creating a service that would provide timely, high quality, and individualized assistance to all its clients. When you place an order with us, you do not have to worry about anything else – from the moment you finalize your transaction, it is our job to worry about your dissertation and making sure it meets all the requirements and academic conventions. Hire us to help you right now, and see for yourself how much easier your life can be!

Why you should get professional dissertation editing help

Editing is more than just another step in the writing process. It’s not as simple as reading a text and pointing out the most obvious errors. Instead, you need to analyze how well your paper flows, get rid of convoluted grammatical constructions, and make it work better. It’s not an easy task for someone who’s just learning to create academic texts.

That’s why dissertation editing help is the perfect option for so many students. Imagine a professional editor fixing the entire huge work you’ve finished, making it even more exciting to read. Well, the good news is that this opportunity’s just a few clicks away! All you need to do is place an order with us and wait while the expert completes it.

Dissertation proofreading services help you learn

But wait! There are even more benefits to this opportunity than meets the eye. When you buy dissertation proofreading services, you actually gain the opportunity to become a better editor yourself. Here’s how it works.

  • First, you get the corrected version and compare it to the original. At this point, you can see the key features that needed improvement and how the expert has changed them.
  • Next, you analyze your mistakes and highlight the “weak points” of your writing. It’s important to see them as your goals for future achievements as opposed to letdowns.
  • Finally, you improve your skills through further training. Once you’ve identified your goals, you can get to work and try editing your smaller essays for clarity to practice.

How fast can my dissertation be edited?

You can choose the deadline yourself. Our service can provide you with an edited work within a short time period because our editors are experienced professionals and can do their work really fast. There is also no problem with setting a long deadline.

Are your editors qualified enough to work with a dissertation?

Our editors have the proper level of education and have to complete a test task before joining our team. We can assure you that they are qualified enough to work with texts of a high academic level. At the same time, remember that our editors provide you with work related to the language, not the content of your text.

Is your service confidential?

Yes, it is. We care about the privacy of our customers. You can work with us and be sure that your personal information will be safe and that the fact of you cooperating with us will remain confidential.

Can I have my money back if I do not like the work?

Yes, we have a money-back policy. The manager considers each case, and you can contact support to ask for a refund if you see the need to do so.
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